Employee Wellness

Employee Wellness

ReSano Occupational Health can provide a detailed individual assessment for your workforce, helping them to focus their goals on improving their overall health whilst identifying any potential risk factors they may be unaware of. This involves a 30 minute health screen with one of our nurses to include the following:

Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire

The nurse will assess lifestyle choices with highlighting the modifiable risk factors.

Blood Pressure

Ideally adults should have their blood pressure checked intermittently as this is an important risk factor for cardiovascular disease. The nurse will carry out the test and provide detailed advice on the significance of the reading.


In this urine test we analyse the sample for sugar, protein and blood, protein. This is a very simple to test to exclude undiagnosed diabetes , infection or problems within the urinary tract.

Body Mass index

BMI is a measurement that can help to ascertain if you are underweight, a healthyweight or overweight. The nurse will calculate your this measurement and compare this with the population average.

Body Shape analysis

Working alongside the BMI, calculating your body shape will help to give a more in-depth picture of how your body mass could affect your health. The nurse will analyse this to provide a more detailed picture of your health risks in relation to your body shape.

Total Cholesterol Blood Test

The nurse will perform a fast and simple test from a finger prick blood test sample toidentify your total cholesterol level. With this information the nurse can advise on the level and what actions should be considered.