Health Surveillance

Health Surveillance

Some health and safety regulations like, CoSHH and Control of Noise at Work require employers to provide health surveillance for their employees.

The HSE has some excellent information on health surveillance for specific trades or to help you become more familiar with general health surveillance, alternatively please feel free to Contact Us

To find out more information vist HSE: Health surveillance to find out more.

Additionally, our experience in dealing with noise induced hearing loss in the construction industry has enabled us to provide accurate and well-informed advice for the ever expanding Music and Entertainment industry. For more information on protecting hearing in the music and entertainment industry please contact us or see some practical guidelines.

Audiometry – We carry out on site hearing tests minimising disruption to your workforce. The hearing tests are carried out to the HSE categorisation scheme.

Spirometry / Lung-function - for those exposed to dust/fumes/vapours - i.e. respiratory sensitisers

Skin checks - for those exposed to chemicals / adhesives cement - i.e. skin sensitisers

HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration) - for those working with vibrating power tools

Biological Monitoring - Isocynates, chromium compounds etc. can be found within both construction and manufacturing environments.