Equalities Act Advice

Equalities Act Advice

ReSano’s role as an occupational health provider is to advise you on whether an employee could come under the scope of the Equality Act 2010 (Disability).

By fully assessing the employees we will determine whether an employee has significant impairment of day-to-day activities including:

  • ability to concentrate, learn or understand
  • ability to lift, carry, or move everyday objects
  • continence
  • corrected eyesight
  • hearing
  • memory
  • mobility
  • physical co-ordination
  • perception of risk or physical danger
  • speech

We will also establish if this impairment is likely to be long-term.

ReSano’s nurses will assess whether any of the impairments might affect an employees’ ability to work providing feedback on what you might want to consider as reasonable adjustments to their work or working environment.

We may also seek advice from specialist organisations and/or recommend getting help from the Access to Work Scheme through Job Centre Plus.